Family Funded iPads Yr 3- Yr 6

From 2019 all students in Years 3-6 are required to have an iPad.

The Honeywood PS School Board have decided to extend the Honeywood PS Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) iPad program to include students in Year 3.

We have partnered with Winthrop Australia to provide families a one stop simple solution to purchase and manage iPads. We strongly recommend purchasing through Winthrop as any device repairs are taken care of very easily with prompt school pick up and return.

At Honeywood PS we place the needs of our students first at all times and support them to be comfortable in the dynamic and challenging world in which they live. Technology is increasingly integral to learning in our ever changing world and represents life-long learning challenges and opportunities for every child.

The 1:1 iPad program maximises the learning environment, builds stronger links between the home and school learning environments and empowers students to take more control of their learning.

Details of pricing and our recommended package can be found on the Honeywood Primary School portal at Winthrop Australia.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 6173 6100.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Why Apple ipad?
Why apple ipad? Honeywood Primary School has chosen to implement Apple technology for the following reasons: The Apple iPad offers superior, intuitive programs and an extensive media suite which is highly relevant to our classroom learning environment. The broad range of quality educational software. These creative tools are highly engaging to students and enable them to easily apply them in ways that increase learning across all subject areas including Music, Art and Science. Our school is set up to allow the iPads to connect easily to our existing network throughout the school.
2Do i have to purchase an iPad through this package or can i source my own?
Winthrop Australia, in conjunction with Apple Education, provides Honeywood parents with a heavily discounted iPad that can include the 2-3 Year AppleCare warranty. The pricing offered to Honeywood cannot be matched by 3rd party retailers (JB HiFi, Dick Smith, etc.) due to these heavy discounts. Winthrop Australia also provides warranty and insurance support through the school administration to ensure any issues are resolved as soon as possible. Claims for warranty and insurance not purchased through Winthrop Australia’s portal cannot be supported in the same way. Details of pricing can be found on the Honeywood Primary School portal at Winthrop Australia.
3Why is it important that everyone has the same device?
Technology and software needs to be consistent between all students and the teacher. This ensures that no student is disadvantaged because their device cannot support the required technology which means they cannot do the learning tasks.
4Can I order from Winthrop later in the year?
Yes! The portal remains open and orders can be placed at any time. Orders will be processed on a daily basis with delivery approximately 4 weeks after processing. Parents will be contacted when their order arrives at school.
5How will my child’s educational outcomes be improved?
THIS IS A LOT OF MONEY AND I NEED TO BE SURE THAT IT IS VALUE FOR MONEY. Honeywood Primary School would not be presenting such an opportunity if they did not believe students would benefit and that parents would receive value for money. Student needs and their education are at the heart of every decision HONEYWOOD makes. The 1:1 iPad Program is a new pathway supporting the delivery of 21st century learning and is a digital device ownership model where students or staff use their privately owned devices to access the network and information systems in an educational setting. It is a tool offering enhanced opportunities for students to be empowered, take ownership of their learning and ultimately have access to our Technology Enhanced Learning Environment. The 1:1 iPad Program will deliver the following benefits to students at Honeywood: 21st century school demands online learning in a connected world –our children already do this. Greater student motivation to learn and engage resulting in significant achievements and results. Individualising learning, which can increase independence and self-initiated learning in students, and extend their learning beyond the classroom. Enhanced student access to more information at the point-of-need. Students take greater pride and ownership over the knowledge they create, with a flow -on to more flexible forms of learning. Development of higher order thinking skills and broader creativity to support deep learning. Presents a greater range of opportunities for students to construct and express knowledge and skills in relevant and meaningful ways Increased collaborative learning, self-reflection & goal setting through student-centred pedagogies.
6Will my child’s basic numeracy and literacy suffer?
I’M WORRIED THE iPADS WILL EXCLUDE ESSENTIAL TRADITIONAL LEARNING. iPads are a highly effective resource tool designed to complement and enhance the current teaching and learning programs at Honeywood. By no means is it a replacement of the already proven explicit teaching and learning practices that currently take place within each classroom. The iPads offer teachers the ability to employ more extensive approaches to teaching numeracy and literacy including greater scope for more individualised instruction at the point of need.
7How much time will students use the iPads in the classroom?
The amount of time the iPads will be used will vary from day to day depending on the learning experiences and resources identified by the teacher, and the tasks involved. Thus, the amount of use depends on each individual student’s needs as well as the activity or project that is being studied. There is the potential to use the iPads for all subject areas including specialist subjects such as Music, Science and Physical Education. However, teachers will decide when and how much the iPads will be used per lesson, per week in order to meet individual and classroom needs. Parents can be assured that this tool will be used effectively every to maximise their child’s educational outcomes.
8As a parent I don’t know much about technology.
WILL THERE BE ANY SUPPORT FOR PARENTS WHEN THE iPADS ARE USED AT HOME? AppleCare support is your first line of defence for home issues. How do I connect to my WiFi? How do I add a printer? How do I make a movie? How do I import my photos and music? These are just some of the questions AppleCare can assist you with. All iPads bought through our education partner Winthrop Australia can come with AppleCare extended warranty, so you can use this service for a full 2 years. For more information, please visit Students will also be taught the necessary skills so that parent reliance at home will be minimal. Students learn quickly and you will be amazed how much they will be able to teach you!
9What if not everyone in the class has an iPad?
Teachers will still have access to the schools banks of iPads, as they do now. In this situation, students without a 1:1 iPad may need to share a school device and won’t have it available for use at home. The 1:1 program is about using the current classroom environment and enhancing it through technology. The iPad is a tool that complements current teaching and learning practices. It does not replace them. A key difference will be that those students who do have their own iPad will typically complete most tasks in a shorter time because they have more access, including home use.
10I’m worried about bullying of those that don’t have an iPad.
It is an integral part of Honeywood Primary Schools culture to be proactive in managing the emotional and social development of students. This is achieved through our Honeywood Behaviour Expectations and values that ensure a supportive and caring school environment. The safety of your child is paramount to us and every effort will be made to ensure that no student will be disadvantaged in their emotional development or learning capacity, whether it is connected to access to iPads or any other issue. These issues will continue to be discussed in class as a normal part of technology safety issues.
11How do we protect our children from certain internet sites, Facebook bullying and the like?
All students will access the school network and internet using their own username and password. All activity can be tracked and monitored by the Honeywood Administration, with the tools provided by the Department of Education. The school already has policies and procedures dealing with Internet Use. Teachers will also be given tools to track student activity on the iPads while at school. In addition, teachers are trained, aware and proactive in behaviour management in the classroom to ensure that students stay safe. Parents are encouraged to adopt strategies at home for monitoring the use of the iPads in an open and guiding manner, by setting rules such as no use after certain hours of the evening or no use behind closed doors.
12What if my child forgets their iPad on the day?
As part of school policy, it will be the child’s responsibility to bring their 1:1 iPad each day. From experiences shown in other schools, children will quickly adapt to accepting responsibility of their iPad and it should become as second nature to them as bringing their school bag, reading and lunch each day.
13Why Winthrop Australia?
Winthrop Australia is the provider of Apple products to the Department of Education. They are able to provide a wrap-around service to schools including: • One stop shop - The online ordering portal enables you to get everything you need in the same place. • Warranty and Insurance - Winthrop Australia offers logging of warranty and insurance repairs through their online portal. iPads are dropped off at school to be logged by a school representative, collected by Winthrop Australia, repaired / replaced and returned in a timely manner. • Support - Winthrop Australia offers ongoing professional development, parent information sessions to schools and phone support.
14Has the school considered a bank of iPads rather than individual ownership?
Our school already has bought iPad's which are shared among classes for use on a timetabled basis. Student access to those iPad's will be limited as they are used on a share basis. The 1:1 Program overcomes this issue and embraces teaching and learning in ways that can’t be achieved otherwise.
15What software will be available on the iPad?
The iPads are delivered with pre-installed software that is appropriate for immediate use in the classroom. Honeywood will be able to “push” required apps out to iPads via a volume purchasing platform called Zulu Desk.
16What if i can’t afford to buy an iPad?
If you choose not to buy an iPad, your child will still receive the same high quality education we have always provided at Honeywood but without the benefits of having his/her own personal iPad to use at school and at home.
17What if i already own an iPad?
While you can use your own existing iPad it is not ideal as it presents some challenges for the administration of software through Zulu Desk. If you do decide to take this option, existing iPad's must be upgraded to the current operating system, be 3rd generation or newer and must have a keyboard.