School Board

The inaugural Honeywood PS School Board was formed in March 2017. The school board Chair is Kacey Single.

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    Nomination Forms
School Board Members bring their experience as parents, educators and/or community members to the school at Board Meetings. Typically there are 6 meetings a year and these range from 1 to 2 hours in length.

The responsibilities of the School Board are to:

  • Works within the Department of Education’s relevant legislation and regulations;

  • Contributes to the School Delivery and Performance Agreement and the Business Plan;

  • Endorses and reviews the annual budget;

  • Assists with the formulation of Codes of Conduct;

  • Reviews the performance of the school;

  • Creates interest in the school within and across the community;

  • Assists with the Principal selection when a vacancy arises;

  • Approves fees, charges, contributions and items of personal use, extra cost optional component programs;

  • Approves arrangements for sponsorship or advertising;

  • Liaises with other committees within the school;

  • Holds one open meeting each year to report to the school community; and

  • Provides advice to the Principal on religious education and related activities.

The School Board does not:

Please note: Comprehensive School Board training is provided for School Board members.
We value your input and will guide you through the process.