Contributions & Charges

Dear Parents and Caregivers

The Education Act 1999 requires schools to notify parents of all contributions and charges prior to the start of the school year. These costs are divided into four areas: School Contributions, Charges, Personal Items List and Extra Cost Options.
School Contributions: A voluntary school contribution towards the cost of items used in the educational program provided for your child.
Charges: for extra cost optional items. An estimate of the costs of these items is listed for non-compulsory activities. Payment for these items is a condition of participation by students.
Personal Items List: Items on this list are required for students use in their classroom.
Extra Cost Options: These options are available to students if families wish to participate.

1. School Contributions

The Honeywood Primary School Board has endorsed an amount of $60.00 per student as a School Contribution for 2021. This equates to approximately $1.50 per week. These contributions are voluntary. They enhance the teaching and learning opportunities for all students and supplement funding gained from other sources, including the State and Federal governments. At Honeywood Primary School, the School Contributions will be used to purchase supplementary materials and resources used in classrooms as detailed on the fees and charges form below

2. Personal Items List

The cost for items on this list will vary from year level to year level. It includes items such as pens, pencils and scrapbooks. Parents may purchase these items from their chosen retailer or use the nominated school supplier Ziggies Educational Supplies. The school receives a small commission for each order processed through this company.
You can also pay your School Contribution of $60 per student for 2020 through Ziggies Educational Supplies when you order your child’s Personal Items List. This contribution can also be paid at the school office at any time.

3. Charges: Curriculum Related Activities

This amount can vary from year to year and from class to class. A breakdown of estimated charges for your child’s participation in excursions/in-school activities and swimming lessons etc. for 2021 has been outlined in the schedule attached. The amounts indicated on the schedule represent the maximum that can be charged for scheduled activities in 2020. Students can only participate if they have parental permission and have paid the charge. This money will be used to fund the following types of activities: visiting performers, excursions, interschool sports carnivals, swimming lessons and other special events.
The activity charge can be paid in advance at the beginning of the year and any excursions/in school performances that your child attends will be deducted from this amount. Any money left in your child’s account at the end of the 2021, will be carried forward into 2022.

3. Extra Cost Items

This money is used by the school to provide additional opportunities for all students. They include but are not limited to items such as ICT Co-contributions and Year 6 Activities, Graduation Costs.
Yr 3-6 Bring Your Own Device iPad
Please refer to the separate page explaining the family funded Yr. 3 to Yr. 6 iPad program. An approximate cost is in the schedule attached.
iPad Co Contribution (K – Yr. 2)
The Australian Curriculum expects that students learn to use ICT effectively and appropriately to access, create and communicate information and ideas, solve problems and work collaboratively in all learning areas at school.
A $50 co-contribution for PP-Year 2 and $25 co-contribution for Kindergarten will help us establish and maintain high ratios of access to technology for students.
Media Co Contribution (Yr. 1 to Yr. 6)
A $30 co-contribution for Year 1 to 6 will help us cover the costs for digital subscriptions, App purchases, device management and licences.