Dress Code and Uniforms

Our dress code supports the department of Education requirement that students attending public schools are required to be clean and dressed appropriately for school activities. At Honeywood Primary School, we have a strong belief that a dress code is necessary because it:
Fosters and enhances the public image of the school
Provides students with sense of belonging
Instils and promotes pride and team spirit in students
Encourages equity among the students
Ensures that students are dressed safely for school activities and the environment
Prepares students for work, as many places have dress and safety codes

Socks and Shoes

Students are encouraged to wear white socks or sports socks. Appropriate footwear must be worn. Student will be participating in regular physical activity so sports sneakers, preferably black or white in colour, are the most appropriate footwear.


Excessive jewellery is not to be worn at school. This includes bangles, dangling earrings or any item of that nature. Items of jewellery that students are allowed to wear are:
Stud earrings

Hair and Make-Up

Hair below the shoulders must be tied up neatly.
Make-up is not to be worn at any time

Our school colours are navy and orange

Uniform Items include:
Navy short sleeved polo shirt with orange & white panel detail
Navy blue track pants, shorts or skirt
Navy long sleeved polo shirt with orange and white panel detail
Navy blue jacket
Enclosed shoes (sneakers or school shoes are recommended)
Year 6 graduation shirt (year 6 students only)
Navy stockings or leggings
House polo shirt
Reversible navy/house colour bucket hat with school logo
Please note: No denim or denim look-alikes are to be worn (as per The Education Department ruling)