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Kindergarten Enrolments

A parent/responsible person applying to enrol a child in a public school should complete this Application for Enrolment form.

Only permanent Australian residents and those children holding an approved visa subclass number are eligible to enrol in public schools. You may apply to enrol in Kindergarten in one school only, either public or private.

Please complete one form for each child. You will also be required to show proof of your child’s date of birth (usually birth certificate) and of your usual place of residence. A council rates notice or rental agreement in addition to a utilities account (electricity, water or telephone) suffice as proof of usual residence. Applications for the first round of offers for Kindergarten are accepted any time during the year before attending until the closing date. For children starting in Kindergarten the closing date for applications for the first round of offers is the first Friday in Term 3 of the previous year. Applications may still be made after this date and will be considered on a case by case basis, in accordance with the Department of Education’s Enrolment Policy which can be found at

Once accepted, you will be required to complete enrolment procedures at the school. Parents should bring evidence of the child’s legal name, immunisation records, immigration records (if applicable) and medical information. Any Family Court Orders or parenting plans registered with the Family Court should also be made available at the time of enrolment.

If your Application for Enrolment is not accepted, you will be advised in writing within three weeks of the advertised closing date for applications. Should you disagree with a school’s decision regarding your Application for Enrolment you can appeal to the District Education Office in the district in which the school is located. Prior to submitting an appeal, however, it is recommended that you contact the principal to discuss your grievance informally.

Pre Primary –Year 6 Application for Enrolment

Parents wishing to enrol a child at Honeywood PS can download the Application for Enrolment form below or collect a hard copy from our administration building on Windjana Rise. Once complete please return it to us either via email or in person.

If your application is successful, you will then be asked to complete a Student Enrolment Form from school. This form is included in a separate package of information available from the school office. Please note that the following documents are required in addition to the Application for Enrolment Form:

Birth Certificate
Medicare ACIR (Australian Childhood Immunisation Record)
Proof of Address (Water or Land Rates/Lease or Purchase Agreement; a purchase or lease agreement; or WA Driver’s License; or utility bills)

We request that parents please indicate the school year child should be enrolled in. This can be done by visiting our School Year Groups Chart that is available on the school website. Once the Application of Enrolment form is complete with all attached documentation, it is signed off by the Principal. The parent/guardian will then be contacted to complete the Enrolment process.

It is essential that all of the information on these forms are accurate and current. All medical information needs to be correct at time of enrolment to enable the school to create an emergency response plan if one is required.

It is vital that in an emergency, we are able to reach parents immediately. Should parents be unavailable, the emergency contact supplied will be called. Therefore, it is important that his contact information is kept updated.

Further information for parents regarding how public schools prioritise and manage student enrolments is available through the "Department of Education’s Schools Online website".

Overseas Enrolment

Students born overseas must hold either Australian passport or appropriate visa before applying to the school. Students who do not hold Australian passport during the application process must present their passport and visa paperwork at the time of Enrolment.

Overseas or Interstate application can be emailed to with scanned copies of required documents. (Please note originals will be required to be sighted on arrival).


Students with Special Needs

Parents of students with special needs are asked to contact the school and discuss the needs of their child at enrolment to ensure the most appropriate program is put in place to meet the needs of their child.


Student Records/Information

We treat student's welfare as our highest priority; therefore it is important in the case of emergencies that we have the most up to date student and family information. If there are changes of address, telephone number, emergency contacts or medical details please ensure that the school is notified immediately.

Access Rights

Parents and carers are advised that the School education Act oblige parents to inform schools of any family Court Orders or other orders, which are applicable to their children.

A copy of Family Court Order must be supplied to the school so staff members are aware of family arrangements, restricted access etc. Documentation is required otherwise parents will have equal rights to access.


Local Intake Area

From the intersection of the Kwinana Freeway and Rowley Road, east along Rowley Road (south side included) to Ditton Road, south along Ditton Road (both sides excluded) to Craddon Road, west and south along Craddon Road (both sides excluded) and south along its southern extension to Anketell Road, east along Anketell Road (south side included) to Thomas Road, south west along Thomas Road (north side included) to the Kwinana Freeway, north along the Kwinana Freeway (east side included) to Rowley Road.

Contact Us

For any enrolments queries, please contact the administration staff