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Important Dates and Times

Term One

School Development Days:

Thursday 27th Jan
Friday 28th Jan
Students Start and End:

Monday 31st Jan
Friday 8th Apr

16th - 18th | Mar Book Fair
21st - 25th | Mar Harmony Week
24th Mar | Naplan Practice Test
24th Mar | Parent PL Reading
28th Mar | Lakeland SHS Free Music Performance
01st Apr | Summer Carnival Y 5/6
05th Apr | Parent Interviews (1/2 day school closure)
08th Apr | Anzac Day Service

Term Two

School Development Days:

Friday 3rd Jun

Students Start and End:

Tuesday 26th Apr
Friday 1st Jul

25th Apr | Anzac Day
27- 29th Apr | Swimming PP to Yr2
10 - 20th May | Naplan
19th May | National Simultaneous Reading Day
06th Jun | WA Day Public Holiday
13th Jun | 7pm Open Board Meeting
15th Jun | Kaboom Music Incursion PP to Yr6
21st Jun | P&C PJ Day Coin Challenge K-6
24th Jun | Interschool Cross Country Yr 3-6
29th Jun | Reports Sent Home
29th Jun | Winter Carnival Yr5/6
01st Jul | NAIDOC Incursion PP-6

Term Three

School Development Days:

Monday 18th Jul

Students Start and End:

Tuesday 19th Jul
Friday 23rd Sep

20th - 22nd Jul | School Photos
05th Sep | Jumps and Throws Yr 1-6
08th Sep | Faction Carnival Yr 1-6
16th to 21st Sep | Book Fair
20th Sep | Open Night K -Yr 6
23rd Sep | Book Fair Parade

Term Four

School Development Days:

Friday 18th November
Friday 16th December

Students Start and End:

Monday 10th October
Thursday 15th December

08th Nov | Interschool jumps & Throws
11th Nov | Remembrance Day Ceremony
11th Nov | Interschool Athletics Carnival
14 - 17th Nov | PAT Testing Reading & Math PP - Yr6
28 - 29th Nov | RAC Little Legends Incursion PP - Yr6
01st Dec | Student Leaders Voting 10am
05th Dec | First Aid Incursion PP - Yr6
07th Dec | Book Swap
13th Dec | Graduation
14th Dec | Reports Sent Home

Public Holidays for 2022

  • New Years Day

    Saturday 1st January
  • New Year Day in Lieu

    Monday 3rd January
  • Australia Day

    Wednesday 26th January
  • Labour Day

    Monday 7th March
  • Good Friday

    Friday 15th April
  • Easter Monday

    Monday 18th April
  • ANZAC Day

    Monday 25 April
  • Queens Birthday

    Monday 26 September
  • Christmas Day

    Monday 26th December
  • Boxing Day

    Tuesday 27th December